Many people want to know the sourcing for our reclaimed teak. The source for our teak timbers and boards is from old colonial buildings across Asia that have been earmarked for demolition. These buildings are carefully deconstructed and all the re-usable material – especially sound timber beams and boards – recovered. Despite its age this seasoned, reclaimed teak is very high quality.


A Building similar to the structures that our reclaimed teak is sourced from.

After careful cleaning and preparation, the teak is shipped to the UK where further stringent inspection and grading takes place before it is ready to use. We then imported it to our yards at East Teak and have it ready to ship to you. As you can see these boards, have a an interesting and long history and can last many many more years in your projects.


Cutty Sark Project

The Cutty Sark Museum

The Cutty Sark Museum

Some of the same wood that we sell was used on the rebuilding of the British Tall Ship the Cutty Sark. For the technicians in charge of the reclamation work on the Cutty Sark Project in England, the recycled teak sourced had to replicate the original hardwoods used on the vessel as well as conform to the rigorous standards for environmentally accredited materials.

You know that we are providing the highest quality product when it has been used in a British National Treasure.

If you have any questions about our sourcing for Teak, Ipe, Rosewood, and any of our other products please feel free to ask and we can give you more information.