FSC Certified Teak Millwork and Mouldings

Our FSC Certified Teak Millwork and Mouldings are a great way to finish a beautiful space so that it is truly one of a kind. You can make your home a long last and sustainable beautiful space. From stairways and ceiling rafters to base shoe mouldings, East Teak has the in-house capabilities to mill and deliver your custom woodworking needs.

Our in-house millwork facility features:

  • State-of-the-art German machinery
  • Dedicated, experienced personnel who offer unmatched expertise, from the quote through delivery
  • Knowledgable staff that can help you make your Millwork and Moulding choices.
  • We can also match historical or custom items for you.

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FSC 100% Recycled Teak

All of East Teak’s recycled teak is carefully recovered by hand from old structures, thereby avoiding the need to fell living trees – which helps to preserve natural forests and protect the environment. Careful hand grading ensures the highest quality and reusability of the wood. Each piece of wood, therefore, has a special history and story to tell. As a result, you have access to materials with unique character and beauty:

  • visually striking coloration that varies from a golden-honey to a warm mocha hue, resulting from ancient natural forest growth and decades of air drying
  • wide range of shapes and sizes, reclaimed and re-graded from beams and rafters
  • incredible stability, as well as resistance to temperature changes and weather elements, thanks to decades-long seasoning time
  • rich, natural oils that make the timber extremely dense and strong

with recycled woods, allow for some plugs, live knots, occasional filled splits and nail holes

Certified Hardwoods by East Teak  is your best resource for all of your Certified Hardwood needs!

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