Our FSC Recycled 100% Teak and FSC Recycled 100% Rosewood are reclaimed from post-consumer sources such as old structures and is carefully recovered by hand, thereby avoiding the need to fell living teak trees. The FSC certification insures buyers of a legal and environmentally sustainable supply chain and also ensures compliance with government procurement regulations.

Timber Certification

FSC Supplier
East Teak holds its Forest Stewardship Council Certification with chain of custody number SCS-COC-002289, and FSC Trademark License Code C019340.
Download: FSC_Certificate_East Teak
The FSC Recycled Label guarantees that all timber is sourced from 100% genuine post-consumer use.
East Teak will be audited annually by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), one of the FSC-certifying bodies, to ensure the highest possible legal and environmental standards for timber
Verify East Teak’s FSC certificate by searching for “East Teak” in the Certificate Holder field on the Forest Stewardship Council’s website at http://info.fsc.org.

Preserving for the Future

East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc. is committed to the support of sustainable environmental stewardship for the industry. Our objective is to preserve our wood resource for future generations to meet their own needs while providing long-term economic benefits for the areas where we operate. Sustainability stems from the inherent durability of our wood. We distribute fine wood products that last, which prolongs its life cycle and conserves the resources required for replacement.

As a leading importer of quality fine hardwoods for over 35 years, we have a deep respect for this precious natural resource. We pledge our continuous support for reforestation efforts and to preserving the natural wonder of wood for generations to come.