FSC Recycled 100% Rosewood columns

These FSC Recycled 100% Rosewood columns are reclaimed from structures in southeast Asia. They are crafted from sought after Indian Rosewood. They provide a beautiful and interesting architectural element to add to your home. A amazing architectural detail that really is a conversation piece and beautiful.

The pre-eminent rosewood appreciated in the Western world is the wood of Dalbergia nigra which is now a CITES listed endangered species. So this is one of the only ways to have this product in your home. They each are unique so please looks through our gallery below and contact us if you have any questions at all.

Our FSC Recycled 100% Teak and FSC Recycled 100% Rosewood are reclaimed from post-consumer sources such as old structures and is carefully recovered by hand, thereby avoiding the need to fell living teak trees. The FSC certification insures buyers of a legal and environmentally sustainable supply chain and also ensures compliance with government procurement regulations.

If you are interested in seeing multiple views of certain columns you can download the full FSC Rosewood Column Catalog for your viewing.

These Columns can be used as an architectural feature because of there beautiful coloring, and interesting hand finishing. They are great for Bars, entryways, room dividers, and more. Really your imagination are you only limitation. They are also a great conversation piece because of their history, and amazing visual presence.